A 5 Star 100% Wool Contoured Saddle Pad handmade in the USA is THE BEST PROTECTION FOR YOUR HORSE’S BACK. The World’s Finest 100% Wool Saddle Pads! All Natural, 100% Wool Felt absorbs moisture and wicks it to drier areas. 100% Wool Contoured Saddle Pads are specially designed to fit the shape of your horse or mule’s back. Unique, two-piece construction eliminates spinal pressure and improves saddle fit—no over-cinching. 5-Star’s Contoured Pad is the ORIGINAL Western contour saddle pad with a true French Curve back line and withers slope. Special attention is given to wither height, back line variance and hip placement which results in a GREAT FITTING SADDLE PAD that CONFORMS to the shape of your horse.

5 Star’s industrial grade 100% all-natural pure virgin wool has a compression ratio of 6.0 PSI and a Tensile Strength of 200 PSI which allows the weight to be dispersed away from pressure points on your horse’s back. The qualities of wool allow it to wick moisture, up to 20X its weight, and remove heat away from your horse. 5 Star pads are contoured and do not slip. They will continue to conform to the shape of your horse's back with repeated use. 5 Star Equine’s Wool Pads offer the BEST PROTECTION for your horse’s back!

  • Natural-Full-Skirt-Saddle-Pad

    The Performer: Full Skirt Saddle Pad 32″ X 32″

    $189.95$329.95 Select options
  • 5star_saddle_pads_wool_pads

    The All-Around: Standard Saddle Pad 30″ X 30″

    $179.95$289.95 Select options
  • 5star_saddle_pads_supreme_roper_sm

    The Rancher / Roper: 1 1/8″ Thick Wool Saddle Pad

    $253.95$263.95 Select options
  • Close-Contact-Saddle-Pad-Natural-Butterfly-Skirt2

    The Reiner: Close Contact Saddle Pad

    $179.95$329.95 Select options
  • 5 Star Saddle Pads Wool Self Contouring

    Self-Contouring Wool Saddle Pad

    $199.95$314.95 Select options
  • Barrel-Saddle-Pad-Natural-Square-Skirt

    The Barrel Racer: Barrel Saddle Pad 30″ W X 28″ L

    $179.95$299.95 Select options
  • horse_mountain_pack_pad

    Contoured Horse Pack Saddle Pad

    $264.95 Select options

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